360 degrees virtual tour


During this period because of COVID-19 many of our habits have changed, both in our personal and working lives. The new rules of social distancing impose a stop on gatherings and consequently events, fairs and meetings suffer the consequences: many of the most important appointments have been cancelled, one of the most important being the “Salone del Mobile”.
At this moment technology offers solutions that allow us to stay in touch with the customer, keeping alive the attention on the brand. With this in mind, we have created a proposal that combines the power of 3D with the interactivity of the virtual tour; a great advantage is that there is no longer any need for a physical and real space to create a virtual tour.

What can we achieve? Practically everything like, for example:
– recreate an exhibition stand that has already been designed for 2020
– create a new stand from scratch to present new collections
– create or recreate an exhibition hall
These are just a few examples, since there are no physical or space limitations, the possibilities are practically endless.

The virtual tour that we propose can be used on desktops, tablets or smartphones. It can be displayed in VR thanks to the use of a cardboard or a headset, for an immersive experience. Compared to purely VR (Unreal, Unity) solutions it is much faster and more versatile and does not require downloads, installations or the use of specific tools or software.

In the tour we can insert infopoints that can convey different content: simple images with text, links, videos, 360° rotation, etc.
All tools aimed at an in-depth examination by the user and a final conversion.

We firmly believe that this solution will be a standard in the future, which can be placed side by side with the real setup and live in parallel with it. Just think that if a stand or a showroom can be visited by thousands of people, a virtual tour can potentially reach millions of people, eliminating the physical impediment of having to travel, considering the various limitations we will all have to deal with for a while.

In the link below you can try a demo and test its potential for yourself.
If you are interested in more information or would like to request an evaluation, please contact us here.


  • The navigation is simple: clicking and dragging the pointer rotates the point of view, clicking on the icons allows you to interact (the arrows at the bottom allow you to move from one room to another)
  • With the mouse wheel you can zoom in on an area of interest. On mobile, the zoom works normally using two fingers.
  • On the right are the keys for the various functions:
Fullscreen icon

FULLSCREEN: in the desktop version enables full screen viewing

Cardboard icon

VR MODE: on smartphone activate VR mode with split screen (requires the use of a cardboard or headset)

Gyroscope icon

GYROSCOPE: on mobile, activates the display in gyroscope mode, which allows you to move the smartphone and view the room (NB: not all smartphones have this function)

Share Icon

SHARE: to share the tour