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Studio specialized in CGI, 3D animation and modeling

We are a creative studio specializing in photorealistic 3D rendering visualization, design and 3D animation since 2007.
We started working in the creative field as photographers and then fell in love with 3D. Our background in photography has enabled us to define a personal style and to approach CGI with a solid technical and professional base.
Today, we dedicate ourselves to the creation of still life products and photorealistic environments, always with a particular attention to detail and the requested result. However, we have not abandoned our initial passion and continue to produce photos and videos.
We create 3D images and animations that replace traditional pictures. The results are real virtual photographs of the highest quality, created using real techniques in virtual environments, able not only to enhance the product, but also convey its charm and emotion.

For many years, we have been working with these technologies to offer 3D renderings of the highest level to companies, communication agencies, architectural firms and furniture manufacturers. Thanks to the experience we’ve gained over time and our problem-solving approach, we are able to deal with any kind of project, always offering the right solution, both in terms of yield and cost.

We create virtual images of environments and still life, studied and perfected in detail. Our 3D renderings replace traditional photography when it is not possible to shoot: they are real “virtual photographs” of the highest quality created using real techniques in a virtual environment, able not only to enhance the product, but to convey charm and emotion.

For many years we have been working with these technologies and we are constantly trying to improve and progress to achieve better results and offer our customers the highest level of 3D rendering. Thanks to the experience gained over time and the problem-solving approach we are able to face any project always offering the best solution, both in terms of yield and costs.

We worked with:

For several years now, 3D visualization has abandoned the purely technical aspect to become a real communication tool. Thanks to the continuous and rapid evolution of technology, 3D rendering has taken its place alongside traditional and consolidated tools, creating a truly alternative solution with many advantages. By 3D rendering we mean photorealistic images created through the use of 3D software. It’s also known as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

Very often companies already own all models of the products made by technical offices and used for production. Precisely from these models is when the process begins, which allows us to obtain photographic-quality renderings to be used for communication or product renderings for price lists and catalogues, or even exploded transparencies and sections that cannot be realized in other ways. It’s a process that maintains several points in common with traditional photography, especially with regard to the construction of the set and the arrangement of lights, yet it can go beyond all physical limits.

The model is imported and positioned in the scene. Whether it is a complex environment or a simple photographic limbo, it gets evaluated and checked for final rendering: bevels and thicknesses can be modified to get an exact copy of the real product. Research and development of materials is necessary to recreate (as faithfully as possible) plastics, metals, wood, fabrics and transparencies. The more accurate they are, the more the image will look like a real photograph. This is the stage in which textures can be photographed in the studio to achieve the exact effect required for the product.

Thanks to our internal render farm we produce high resolution images in a very short time, ready to be finalized images after scrupulous post-production.