3D rendering combines photographic art and fantasy. With 3D rendering you can unleash your imagination and achieve photorealistic results without having to prepare real, complex sets.

Creativity has no limits with environment rendering: scenes can be created with plenty of details, pieces of furniture, or even with elements that one would never be able to use in a real set, also cutting all the operating costs related to a real shooting, such as transport and assembly costs.

With 3D techniques you no longer need a real product for a photo-shooting, thus considerably reducing the working times. Moreover, images are often available long before producing the real prototype, bringing about a clear competitive advantage on the market.

And when the shooting is over, nothing needs being disassembled: every created set will remain available over time to be used again between one catalogue and another to add a new product or for new entries of an existing collection. Specific environmental details or even entire sets can be retrieved without having to build them up again.

Virtual reality has become more real than the real world.